‘I simply love to paint’: Q & A with Viviana Macchi di Cellere

Our next member Q & A is with Viviana Macchi di Cellere, another who has completed the portrait painting diploma at The Heatherley School of Fine Arts. She chats with us below about what it is that captures her imagination in painting a portrait.

Viviana Macchi di Cellere

Viviana Macchi di Cellere


How did you become a painter? 

I began to draw and paint via a random course that I took at university, while I was studying a totally unrelated subject. This was the first thing that drew me towards the applied arts. I continued doing other things but kept that experience with me. Much later I joined a group of painters in Milan in order to regularly paint portraits in a studio.

I simply love to paint, to smash the colours together and make up my own to fit a tiny particular spot on the canvas, to replicate or twist how the object of my observation, the sitter, appears to me.

What, to you, constitutes a good portrait? 

A good portrait to me is one that brings to life that personal experience of being with the sitter, transpiring moods, feelings, sparkles of realities. I do not like painting from photographs. The alchemy that is built with a real presence is totally different.

'In Red' by Viviana  Macchi di Cellere, oil on linen, 94x74cm, 2012

‘In Red’ by Viviana Macchi di Cellere, oil on linen, 94x74cm, 2012

Which other artists or painters do you look to for inspiration and why?

There is no special painter or artist to me. Each painter has their own language, uniqueness or vocabulary to be inspired from.

 Many thanks Viviana! You can see more of her work here: 


(all images and text copyright thelotsroadgroup 2014, please ask permission before use)

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