‘It’s all about light, shadow, space and colour’: Q & A with Lucinda Rendall

In our next post we briefly catch up with Lucinda Rendall, member of the Lots Road Group and another alumnus of the Heatherley School of Art. She lets us in on current projects she has ongoing and her inspiration for painting portraits.

Lucinda Rendall

Lucinda Rendall

How did you become a painter?

Having always had an interest in drawing and painting from a young age, I took up painting seriously when I had more time after having bringing up a family and dealing with other commitments.

What drew you to portraiture in particular? 

In 2006 I went to an exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery to see the portraits by David Hockney. I was fascinated by his work and decided that I would like to concentrate on portraiture and figurative painting.

'Ellen by her Aga', Lucinda Rendall, oil on canvas, 50x40 cm, 2012

‘Ellen by her Aga’, Lucinda Rendall, oil on canvas, 50×40 cm, 2012

Which other artists do you look for inspiration and why?

Cezanne and Bonnard as their paintings have a great sense of colour, light and space.

Richard Diebenkorn, Linda Christenson and Melinda Cooksona as they are all figurative and abstract oil painters that I admire. Their colours are inspiring.
What, to you, constitutes a good portrait?

A good portrait in my view should be atmospheric. There should be something interesting in the composition or expression that draws you in. It’s all about light, shadow, space and colour.

Do you have any projects that you would like to tell us about ( exhibitions, articles,websites, commissions, personal projects?)

I am working in a converted cowshed studio on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Alfriston in East Sussex. I continue to be interested in figurative painting. I am currently working on a series of portraits of people in their kitchens and making studies of people grape picking and pruning the vines on a vineyard under the South Downs. I am planning to revisit my special subject of cows and poultry.

My website is www.lucindarendall.com.

Many thanks Lucinda!

(all images and text copyright thelotsroadgroup 2014, please ask permission before use)


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