It’s that Lots Road lot..!

The Lots Road Group is an association of artists who paint portraits. As the name suggests, the group was born in Lots Road, Chelsea, where all the members studied at The Heatherley School of Fine Art, though not necessarily at the same time. Since graduating, each artist has developed an individual style and career, and, in 2013, they decided to form an association to showcase their work.

The Lots Road Group holds an annual exhibition, each with a different theme. Previous exhibitions have toured to a number of venues, including galleries, corporate headquarters and university colleges. Commissioned portraits commonly go straight to people’s homes or to institutions so the exhibitions create an opportunity to present the group’s work to a larger public.

As well as displaying a rich variety of portrait styles, the group places special emphasis on narrative to accompany their paintings. The intention is to give the sitters a voice and to inform and further entertain the audience.A book also accompanies each exhibition.The group believe they are unique in combining words and images in this way.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 09.33.24


Alla Broeksmit, Martin Burrough, Laurence Collis, Katherine Firth, Stuart Howitt, Hero Johnson, Christine Klein, Sharon Low, Viviana Macchi di Cellere, Sarah Jane Moon, Maureen Nathan, Hilary Puxley, Colleen Quill, Lucinda Rendall, Sarah Reynolds, Sarah Richardson, Elizabeth Shields, Mark Stevenson, Stella Tooth


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