Alla Broeksmit – MFA New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture

Lots Road Group member Alla Broeksmit has gained her MFA from the New York Studio of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture.

Alla Broeksmith NYSS Opening.jpgAt her thesis exhibition earlier this year, Alla said, “Memories are central to how I create images. In this new series of paintings, I am referring to incidents from my past as a mean to dissect my own identity as an immigrant. I was among the ones who have lost everything, the disinherited, the poor, the abandoned. Forty years ago, I escaped the repression and totalitarianism of the Soviet Union. I left my people behind, members of my family, my friends.

“Before I paint, I keep my eyes closed and they appear again, as clear as it was when I was lost in Vienna, my child in my arms. These images are behind each stroke of paint. I utilise this particular psychological content and emotion, embedded in my origins, to feed me and to develop — visually — my new iconography within the layers of paint in my paintings.”

What you thought of Motherhood!


The Motherhood exhibition closed at The Chelsea Gallery on Sunday (Mother’s Day) and began a short tour which sees it move today to The Child and Family Practice in Islington.

The 16 artworks by the Lots Road Group will be on show for two weeks for clients of the practice, before they are exhibited at  Heatherley’s w/c Monday 12 May for staff and students..   

We artists would like to say a big `thank you’ to all those who visited our Chelsea exhibition and would like to share just a few of the supportive and encouraging comments  you left in our Visitors’ Book:

“Lovely touching exhibition” – S Cheshire/J Richardson

“So touched by this exhibition – and inspired too.” J Wahnick

“Touching and inspiring to do my own portraits ” – S Taukolonga

“Super, super, super!  So poignant.  Huge talent!” – R Harding

“One of the most competent displays seen here for a long time.” – M Gladwin

“Lovely idea: we all love our mothers!”  – Mo Quill 

 “The mother-daughter `thing’ is very personal  and it was interesting to see so many interpretations.  So moving.” – J McKenzie

“Wonderful paintings and an incredibly important subject matter.  Mothers forever!” – J Dreyfus

“ A brilliant portrayal of the progressing stages of life” – Harriet

“Very interesting and moving stories of children talking about their mothers” – L Lobianco

“Well timed exhibition and wonderful to see the celebration of motherhood” – Sajidorarhid

“A well timed and themed event” – S Kent

“It was the most marvellous exhibition.  So moving.  And wonderful painting.” – C Normand

“What a lovely and well curated exhibition” – R Williams 

 “An excellent exhibition” – R Marker

 “Very enjoyable.  Very well laid out.”  M Carpenter

“ A really touching and talented exhibition” – S Blackett

“Great exhibition.  So much love and skilfully executed.” –  T Russell Smith

 “Very good exhibition. Nice paintings.”  J Hill

 “Hugely enjoyable.  I applaud you all.” – J Kerr and T Leslie

 “Really lovely exhibition.” – P Withon

“Lovely, timeless, interesting”-  S Bonner

“ So insightful” -M MacKenzie

 “Inspirational work” – A Fergusson-Cunningham 

“A wonderful and powerful exhibition” – L Eccles-Williams

 “What a combination the portraits and relationships! “ – C Grant

“Really interesting to read the artist details – it expanded the experience”   – M Nott

“Much emotion and great memories for the artists” – P Nuesink

“A wonderful, heartfelt exhibition” – M Cocco

“Thank you for such a beautiful show” – Halou

MOTHERHOOD: Our first exhibition

The Lots Road Group is very pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting together next week at The Chelsea Old Town Hall with our very first show ‘Motherhood’. 

Motherhood A3 poster

Motherhood is a Chelsea portrait exhibition and book that celebrates mothers, grandmothers and mothers-in-law.

The exhibition features 16 portraits by figurative artists who met when studying portraiture at The Heatherley School of Fine Art in Lots Road. It runs at The Chelsea Library, Kings Road, SW3 from Thursday, 20 March until Mother’s Day (30 March).

The book contains all the portraits featured in the exhibition which are executed in a variety of media from oils, acrylics and pastels to print. Some were completed from life, others after death from studies and photographs.

It also provides a fascinating insight into the craft of portrait painting: from the artist who set aside her oils for speedier pastels to portray her mother with life-long back problems, to another who describes the quick work required to capture the likeness of a mother-in-law, suffering from Alzheimer’s, who would ‘forget’ her presence, to another who listened to the music she used to share with her mother to help her complete the portrait begun before her death.

It also features a foreword by Heatherley’s Principal Emeritus, John Walton RA, who writes about the portrait he painted of his own mother.

All portraits show the acute powers of observation and attention to detail instilled into students at one of the few art colleges in Britain that focuses purely on portraiture, figurative painting and sculpture.

John Walton said, “I am happy to think that this bunch of fellow artists derived a positive benefit from their studies at Heatherley’s and have used these as the vehicle for an imaginative project.”

The Motherhood book is available for £16.69 from (Some sales of the book will see a percentage given in aid of Oxfam’s Mothers Appeal

Exhibition Details: 

Thursday 20 to Sunday 30 March 2014 (Mother’s Day)

The Chelsea Library, Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Rd, London SW3 5EZ

Mon, Tues, Thurs, 9.30am-8pm

Wed, Fri, Sat, 9.30am-5pm & Sun, 1- 5pm

Closest tube: Sloane Square

The exhibition is FREE to attend.

Motherhood book: Price £16.69+p&p from

Private View: Parallax Art Fair

You are invited to the private view of the Parallax International Art Fair at Chelsea Town Hall this Thursday, 20 February from 7.30-9.30pm, where two of our members, Christine Klein and Stella Tooth, will be exhibiting portraits.

Representing The Heatherley School of Fine Art, Christine is just putting the finishing touches to her artwork whereas Stella’s was completed at the end of last year.

Hod carrier from mud city of Djenne near Timbuktu 2013

Hod carrier from mud city of Djenne near Timbuktu 2013

Stella Tooth’s painting shows ‘The Hod Carrier’ – a young man from the mud city of Djenne in land-locked Mali in the Sahara who dreams of a sea he will never actually see.

We hope you will be able to come and share his imaginary journey at the private view at Chelsea Town Hall on Thursday 20th February from 7.30-9.30pm. To be put on the guest list, please email by today (Tuesday) noon.

If you can’t make Thursday, the fair opens its doors to the public from 1-8pm on Friday 21st and 11-5pm on Saturday 22nd February. Entry is free.


The organisers, BFA, have ensured an international flavour, with artists of all media attending from all around the world, including the USA, Canada, Japan, Georgia, Costa Rica, South Korea and across Europe.

The Parallax Art Fair is not your typical art fair. It allows both new and established artists to exhibit on equal footing, without judgment or qualification by the organisers. A firm exponent of the “art is the viewer” perspective, Parallax is keen to attract a broad audience, both art lovers and casual browsers, to allow more people to become involved in art without pretension or expectation.

Dr Chris Barlow, the original founder, says “We just want people to come and see our huge range of international art. It might just chase away the winter blues, present the opportunity for investment or a gift for a loved one, or just inspire new thoughts or ideas. Art is for an audience to enjoy, to make of it what they want. Our artists exhibit over a vast range of media, so we truly have something to appeal to every taste and budget.”

Many of the artists have fascinating stories to tell which often inspire their creations: Keith Sheppard for example, a UK sculptor who uses glass and metal in his work, was inspired by a life-threatening accident which almost left him paralysed. An operation fusing two of his vertebrae with metal allowed him to walk again. He says, “My work explores the possibilities of fusing the improbable to create objects which are remarkable, unusual, and life-affirming.”

The international line-up includes award-winning artists from many fields, as well as the new and undiscovered. From a sculptor (Patrick Warren) whose work in steel now adorns the outside wall of the Harlow Theatre, to a painter (Sonia Villiers) whose work was chosen by the City of London as its official Christmas card, the art fair showcases an astonishing range of styles and media.

With 225 artists in February’s line-up, the variety will be impressive. As well as paintings and sculpture in all conceivable materials, the fair will include paintings, photography, x-rays, light-displays, textiles, pottery, jewellery, ceramics, natural materials, embroidery and far more to create an experiential, visual, tactile exhibition that explores the possibilities of art and form to the full. Many artists are unique in their chosen fields: US artist Paula Fontaine for example uses x-ray technology combined with “floating” frames for a highly original and striking end result, while UK-based Zara Linington uses nail varnishes to create unusual, abstract works which are a fun, ironic and feminist take on Jackson Pollack’s work.

For a flavour of the ParallaxAF experience, geometric abstract artist Dorothea Schilling, who exhibited at October’s art fair, has created a short film showcasing her work and the exhibition as a whole. It is available to view here:

For further information:


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The Lots Road Group is an informal association of painters, many of whom have an affiliation with The Heatherley School of Fine Art (situated in Lots Road) and are engaged in portraiture. It is an independent group and established in order to facilitate camaraderie and provide a platform for exhibiting and maintaining professional networks.
The core group of members have come together in order to launch a specific project that will take place in March. Current members are:

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