Month: December 2016

Leaving Waterstones

leaving-waterstones-artist-mark-stevensonThe Art of Reading has now left Waterstones, the first leg of its tour. Watch this space for future dates.
What you said about it:
“Fantastic and calming”
– E Burke
“Beautiful, engaging portraits…[re portrait of Dame Gillian Beer by Katherine Firth] the artist very much captures her spirit
– M Beech
“We came to see the portrait of Daisy by her great aunt Stella and love it! Lovely exhibition and great hanging space.”
– L&J Rogers
“Beautiful portrait [of aunt Caroline Dawnay by Sarah Richardson]. Amazing exhibition.”
– D Dawnay
“Masterfully curated and a diverse and interesting collection of work.”
– G&J Hughes
“Inspiring because it’s real. Very touching.”
– G Doneva
“Totally arresting and engaging!”
– K Owen
“Great exhibition!”
– D Ingham
“Some really gorgeous pieces displayed!”
– E Brooks